Dalians new media center opening event

The newspaper (Reporter Peng Hang) On the morning of December 17, the Dalian Municipal Government and China Electronics Group, Jinpu New Area and China set up a strategic cooperation and media island in Jinpu New Area. The first signing ceremony for the project was held at the Bangtuo Island Hotel. The expected investment of 110 billion yuan marks an important step for Dalian to promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry. It is a concentrated demonstration of Dalian's achievements in promoting the deep integration of media and the construction of a modern digital city in the construction of the "two first zones". Tan Zuojun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Rui Xiaowu, Chairman of the China Electronics Group and Secretary of the Party Group; Xu Shaoda, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department; China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. Standing Committee Member and Chief Accountant Peng Bihong attended the signing ceremony.
    At the signing ceremony, the Dalian Municipal Government and China Electronics Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement around “tly building a national cyber security adaptation center, building a national cyber security industrial park, and building a digital city”, and China Electronics is a leader in China ’s strategic emerging industries. Enterprises, after cooperating with Dalian, will provide comprehensive support for the construction of modern digital cities and media islands in Dalian in terms of chip and operating system localization replacement, network security, etc .; Jinpu New Area and China will build a center around “Building a Northeast Asia International Coastal Ecology "Happy Resort, Xiaoyao Bay Infrastructure Upgrade, Xiaoyao Bay Gold Medal Education Park" and other projects signed a strategic cooperation agreement. China Communications Construction, as the world ’s leading large-scale infrastructure comprehensive service provider, will cooperate in cultural tourism after cooperating with Jinpu New Area. In the field of comprehensive development and infrastructure construction, it has enabled all-round development of Jinpu New Area and Media Island. Dalian News Media Group and Jinpu New Area have signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Media Island Settlement in Jinpu New Area. Media Group also signed project cooperation agreements with China System, People's Digital, Neusoft Group, Chinese Culture, Hanhua Financial, Bodun Industry, Beijing Gongmei, China International Education Television, Saitong Culture, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group, totaling 29 Items.
    According to the work and deployment of the municipal party committee and government, the media island project is planned based on the multi-island concept. The first is to plan and build a media island in Xiaoyao Bay, Jinpu New District, build a Dalian smart city construction engine, and lead the Northeast revitalization culture to lead the project. China Media Digital Transformation Demonstration Zone, Northeast Asia Media Industry-City Integration Experimental Zone and International Media Fashion Show and Release Special Zone; Secondly, in the urban area of Dalian, use old factories or suitable plots to plan and build media-specific cultural and tourism industries to form a media island. "Islands" pattern.
    As the first all-media integration unit in a sub-provincial city in the country, Dalian took the lead in integrating the "all-media elements" such as newspapers, radio and television, online new media, and publishing houses into one. "Emerging and deep integration", with a new media layout of "one network, two newspapers, three agencies, four journals, five ends, seven sounds, eight screens and more micro\". Since its establishment, under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, it has continuously optimized and improved the overall design, focused on the main responsibility, pushed forward reforms, and promoted integration. Various tasks have moved forward in reform, improved in integration, and achieved a good start.
    The launch of the Media Island project is an important goal of Dalian based on reality, facing challenges, facing the future, strengthening and complementing each other, and actively planning for healthy, sustainable, and stable development. It is also a “two-wheel drive” to further promote Dalian ’s media integration and industrial innovation. It is an important measure to consolidate and strengthen the mainstream publicity propaganda position and promote the development of Dalian's news and media industry, and strive to a major cultural and tourism leading project that has resulted in Dalian Media's "optimization of income generation structure, conversion of power mechanism, filling of industry gaps, and leading development".
    Jinpu New District is the tenth national new district in the country and has all-round development advantages. Xiaoyao Bay has become a new economic hot spot in Dalian. For a long time, Jinpu New Area attaches great importance to the development of the cultural industry and has accumulated a solid industrial development foundation, which has provided a broad space for the development of the Media Island project. This time, the Media Island project is located in the Xiaoyaowan International Business District of Jinpu New District. It will be committed to building the growth pole of the Dalian media industry and a new carrier of the cultural industry, actively promoting the development of the Dalian news and media industry and the cultural and tourism industry, and creating a "leading industrial structure optimization leader New economic and social development first.
    It is reported that the Media Island project will build a cultural media industry cluster for Northeast Asia. Through a cultural media island, three distinctive platforms, and ten functional modules, a new chain of full-service and full-service Chinese media industry will be built to improve Dalian. "Regional function" enhances the core competitiveness of Jinpu New District and promotes the three-dimensional development of Xiaoyao Bay. At present, Media Island has more than 100 projects in reserve, including 91 cooperation projects with domestic industry leaders such as Inspur, Tencent and Mango and local innovative cultural companies, diversified funding sources and diversified property rights. Jinpu New District will give full support in terms of cooperation mode and investment promotion. The completion of the Media Island project will also promote Xiaoyaowan to become the new city center of Dalian. Together, it will build the Media Island project into a new highland of China\'s cultural media industry. 2. China Rong Media Innovation Frontier Benchmarking Demonstration Base.