Dalians Local Influncer Living Steaming Regarding of Seafood Reach to a 10million Sales Revenue in just 10 Minutes

The newspaper reported that Dalian's seafood products are famous for their freshness, and online celebrity live selling is currently the most popular online sales model. What effect will the two encounter? On December 14th, the fast-streaming anchor Simba sold Dalian Kaiyang World Seafood Co., Ltd.'s seafood products during the live broadcast, attracting the attention of millions of fans across the country, and the turnover reached 10 million yuan in less than ten minutes.

Simba, formerly known as Xin Youzhi, lived and worked in Dalian for three years. Currently has more than 34 million fans and is known as the "fast hand" first person to take delivery. On the afternoon of December 14, the Simba team reached an in-depth strategic partnership with Dalian Kaiyang World Seafood Co., Ltd. and held a signing ceremony. After the signing ceremony, Wei Yang, Chairman of Kaiyang, accompanied the Simba team to visit Kaiyang Bonded Cold Storage and World Seafood Factory in Kaiyang World Seafood Base. Simba then carried out a short live broadcast to bring the goods, and the dazzling array of world seafood attracted the close attention of nearly ten million fans nationwide. The live broadcast took less than ten minutes and the turnover exceeded 10 million. Among them, 30,000 boxes of Kaiyang Thai cooked shrimp were sold out in two minutes, 30,000 copies of Kaiyang World Seafood Gift Box were sold out in five minutes, and 240,000 cans of tuna were sold out in just twenty seconds.

"Internet Red Live" + Dalian Seafood's new model has become a major event in the entire network. Cooperation has been highly valued by China Fisheries Association and Dalian Municipal People\'s Government. Leaders from Dalian Commerce Bureau, Dalian Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Dalian News Media Group, Dalian Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Dalian International Chamber of Commerce, and Ganjingzi District Government of Dalian attended and assisted the signing. The headquarters of logistics companies such as Shentong and Dalian Branch dispatched hundreds of people to cooperate with packaging, sorting, and delivery to ensure that the frozen products are delivered in the cold chain throughout the entire process and delivered to customers throughout the country within 72 hours.

It is understood that Dalian is China's important seafood distribution center in the world. In 2018, the import volume of seafood products in the country reached more than 5 million tons. Dalian accounted for more than 30% of the total seafood imports in the country. The annual throughput of Dalian Kaiyang Bonded Cold Storage Seafood was close to 300,000 tons. Dalian has such a heavy supporting base of ports and the powerful resource advantages of Kaiyang World Seafood, which has become an important reason for Simba's cooperation. Simba said that through this cooperation he has seen the charm of Dalian Seafood and the strength of Dalian Seafood Enterprises. In the next step, they will carry out in-depth cooperation with Kaiyang in business model, capital, brand promotion, etc., so that more netizens understand, Love Dalian Seafood.